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more about NENUPHAR eau de parfum


The aluminum perfume bottle of NENUPHAR comes in a renewed format — a unique case made by 3D printing method from CoPET plastic in the shape of a yellow water-lily seed box and has a removable aluminum refill bottle. Once the fragrance is over, you can easily replace it with another 50 ML refill bottle. NENUPHAR Eau de Parfum has 3 parts. Each part comes in a refillable aluminium bottle, you can easily change the refill bottle by yourself.


Eau de Parfum part 1


The first classical part, which, in addition to the main note of yellow lily, has a note of damp earth and water walnut, which cover a wave of memories of my grandmother's house by the river. And notes of moss, tobacco and musk. The fragrance has long lasting sillage and several waves of opening.



Water lily, water nut, nymphaea, tobacco, raw earth, musk, moss.


Eau de Parfum part 2


A lighter and fresher version that complements the yellow lily note with a citrus mandarin note, a fresh floral note of lily of the valley and a hint of damp earth somewhere in the distance. The fragrance is of medium sillage and is simpler and lighter in sound than parts 1 and 3.



Water lily, nymphaea, river algae, tangerine, lily of the valley, musk, damp earth.


Eau de Parfum part 3


A sweet version of the NENUPHAR fragrance, which complements the yellow lily note with floral notes of Tuberose and Geranium, like a grandmother's flower garden. It has an easily perceptible note of damp earth and a floral, intoxicating, sensual note of Ylang Ylang, which some refer to as an aphrodisiac.



Water lily, lily of the valley, tuberose, cranberry, ylang-ylang, wet earth.

play with us <3

prepare 4 parts of the case and refill bottle. take the base oh the case and place it -> put the refill bottle inside -> fasten the bottle in the base oh the case with a large ring -> put a smaller ring and fasten the upper part on top -> enjoy

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