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Unique Niche Perfume Brand created in Ukraine.
TRIP: TYCH is more than perfume. This is what will allow you to experience aesthetic pleasure. Smell, tactility, design will not leave you indifferent.

The number 3 plays a key role for us not only in consonance with the name. We are inspired by NATURE, CRAFTS and ART. We combine these 3 parts in our creations.

All details are important to us: high-quality raw materials, craft, design, packaging. All this allows you to make a product out of time.


Our greatest inspiration is NATURE.
Every scent is the "quintessence of nature".

She is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for us:
- visual;
- tactile;
- smells.

We not only take visual images but also use such a science as biomimicry. This is manifested in our fragrance NENUPHAR and in all subsequent ones.

That is why the shape of the bottle and pendant is taken from the botanical atlas of the seed box of yellow water lilies which has the botanical name NENUPHAR, also the main note of the perfume is the aroma of yellow water lilies.


We appreciate the work of our masters, which is why each bottle of our perfume is made by hand by jewelers. Thanks to quality raw materials and handicrafts, our creations have a long life. That's why we have a REFIL service that allows you to update the aroma and visual appearance at 33% of the cost.

ART for us is not only a source of inspiration but also guides our intention to make each of our products timeless.
Bottles are independent objects that can be used as decorations or interior items.


Firstly for us it means timeless all our products.
Secondly it's functional it means refillable too. 
At TRIP:TYCH, we’re try combining craft with new research and technologies to help lessen our impact on the planet . 
Quality is our utmost priority. We work in close partnership with our Ukrainian suppliers and manufacturers to maintain the high quality we expect of ourselves, and you have come to expect of us.
We began by crafting our bottles from aluminium and jewelry from brass and silver. 
thoughtfulness of each packaging elements.  Our bottles and jewelries are  refillable. Box for solid perfume jewelry created from recycled paper. Less is more. 
But we are still at the beginning of the journey and every day we try to be better.
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